Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Have you ever played that game where you tell your high and low for the day to someone else?

That's what I felt like I was doing today while looking through some pictures.

We are moving soon (2 weeks and 2 days to be exact).

My high....

Can you say gorgeous? These are pictures of the beautiful mountains we will get to see daily....

My low....

These folks left Williamsburg today headed for their new home in Fairfax. We will miss having our best friends next door!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It never really snows here in Williamsburg. When we looked out and saw it snowing on Sunday night, Halle ran out with no shoes on! She soon realized it was too cold for that. Yesterday my school was cancelled and so was W&M, so we all went out to play in the snow. Halle thought it was so much fun. Yesterday, she looked out the door several times and said "that was so fun".

Here are some videos of her and daddy playing:



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're havin' a BABY!

Yep... that's right folks. We are expecting baby numero dos in August. We are excited! Being pregnant this time around has been a little different. I am much less stressed out in general and don't worry about every ache and pain as I did with Halle. Also, with a 2-year old there isn't much time to sit around and think about baby number 2.
I know it is completely normal for parents to have two children and people do it every day, however sometimes the thought of being responsible for TWO children instead of one is a little stressful. The other night while laying in bed, as Halle hugged me around the neck she said "Mommy, I need you". I suddenly felt this huge sense of being overwhelmed. Soon there will be two little ones that "need me".

But... I like being needed!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The 4th of July August?

Halle's cousin Kaitlyn was here in Williamsburg all the way from Florida to celebrate the 4th with us. It ended up being a pretty yucky day, but the fireworks went on anyway. After going for a walk and getting rained on, we watched them from the van so we didn't get more wet!

Thanks for visiting with us Kaitlyn!

Halle is TWO!

I am hoping to catch up on the ol' blog.... bear with me as I don't plan to go in order!

Halle turned two on July 27th. We decided to wait to have her party in Wise so all her cousins could come! It was an Elmo party since that is Halle's favorite! She had a great time and really enjoyed all the fun!

I'll post some pictures below.....

Thanks for coming everyone and Halle says thanks for all the gifts. We are so glad everyone got to celebrate our little gal's 2nd Birthday with us!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Summer Trip!

Soon after Jason arrived in Wise, we began our trip to Michigan. We went there for Eric and Deanna's wedding! We stopped half way there and spent the night. It took us two days to get there, but Halle was really good and handled the trip really well. We had a really great time!

Some interesting things happened.....

Right after we entered Kentucky, we got a flat tire...... It was interesting!

This was so funny.....

Here is the happy little girl on the road!

We sang alot of songs and watched alot of Elmo..good times!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ava Caroline Austin

The coolest thing that happened while we were in Wise was the arrival of Ava Caroline Austin. She is such a little cutie (and I mean little) and we were so glad to be around when she was born.

This is her right after she was born....

Halle is learning to say "Ava", but it sounds more like "Aba". She often refers to her as Kimbo's baby! =)

Here she is at two weeks old....

Elizabeth took this picture when they visited Wise, but more about that to come!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Then we left.....

After all this fun in W'burg, Halle and I went to spend a few weeks in Wise while Jason studied for the dreaded exams. So many exciting things happened while we were there!

Halle just loves being in Wise and playing with her cousins.... it's so cute.

We had a baby shower right before the arrival of Ava Caroline....

A picture of the invitations I made....

The food table.....

Yummy cupcakes....

Tasty lemonade...

Alot of people came...we had a fun time..and Ava got tons of diapers, wipes, lotions, and other goodies! Good Times!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Play time!

Also before we left... we got to babysit Atticus. We told Halle that Atticus was coming over and she was so excited we had to stand outside and watch for him....

It's so cute how much she loves him...

But who wouldn't.... he's such a cutie!

They had a great time playing and Jason and I loved it! We hope Atticus comes to spend a few hours with us again!

Look at that cute little hostess.....

IKEA, i love you...and you too Maddie..

Okay, I'm sure everyone has been wondering where we have been?

Good question...

We have had a busy month with no time to blog.... you will have to stick around to find out where we have been... more posts to come!

But...right before we left..... Elizabeth, Atticus, Halle and I took a trip to Ikea. Can I just tell you, I love that place? Jason and I have decided that we will furnish our next home with Ikea products. My favorite things there are the kitchens and all the children stuff. Since I can't do alot with my kitchen here, Halle is reaping the benefits of my Ikea obsession. I think she loves it too!

The best part about the trip... on the way home we stopped and picked up my cute little niece and one of Halle's favorite cousin's Maddie. She came to stay with us for two days and we loved it! Jason and I got a taste of what it would be like to have another little one....

We decided it would be awesome to have another kiddo....

Then we changed our minds..... at least for a while...

We are so glad Maddie got to come visit us..we loved it. Maddie, will you come back soon?